Rehearsing your Disaster Recovery contract is essential for you to build an effective disaster recovery plan. We pride ourselves in working in partnership with our clients, to ultimately obtain a fit for purpose solution tailored to you and is used to help you recover from an unplanned incident that may impede your business operations.




If you've ever been involved in a real business recovery situation, you'll know that timing is everything. Rehearsing your continuity plans are essential to making sure you are prepared for anything.



We can help you to ensure rehearsals are fully integrated as part of your continuity plan, ensuring that your staff are regularly trained and prepared to play their part in recovering your business. The managed recovery aspect of our offering enables your staff to concentrate on your response to a disaster, both internally and externally, rather than the actual recovery of your infrastructure.


Scenario testing for different types of disasters is an essential part of any plan to protect your business. During a rehearsal, we can work with you to make sure you're prepared, should the worst happen.







Rehearsals are an essential part of any recovery plan as they ensure we fully understand your individual situation and exact requirements during an Invocation. We provide an annual rehearsal for each of our clients, which can take place at one of our Recovery Centres or your location.


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Practical & Essential For Continuity Plans


Get in touch today to find out more about your bespoke BIP...

Get in touch today to find out more about your bespoke BIP...

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